Solid Surface Bench Tops

Bringing Take Home Makeover Projects to New Heights with Solid Surface Benchtops Perth

To begin your transformation we can offer you a wide range of solid surface benchtops available in Perth.  Kustom Interiors product variety include hundreds of colour choice, finishes and patterns.  All designed to enhance the overall look of your kitchen benchtops, bathrooms and other areas of installation.

If you are looking to revive the look and feel of your kitchen benchtops, laundry benchtops or bathroom vanities or any other surface, we provide the best consultation, design and installation services.

Specialists in both vertical and horizontal applications, we offer you the best in materials and technologies including laminates, acrylic, Corian and more.
Advantages of Our Solid Surface Benchtops

  • First of all our benchtops are resistance to stain, scratch and other possible damages
  • With this in mind they are also absolutely hygienic, eco-friendly and anti-microbial varieties
  • At the same time we guarantee seamless joins with elegant-looking surfaces
  • Equally important is the long-lasting top quality surfaces demanding minimal maintenance
  • Huge varieties to choose from
  • Finally always quick turnarounds and in-budget installations

Incorporating customization is one of the most amazing aspects Kustom Interiors solid surface benchtops.  Designing different shapes and styles, matching your tastes and expectations. It means that we help homeowners to create the long-lasting impressions and extract the best value out of their investments.

Contact us today for consultation, measurements or quotes and get started quickly.

*Corian Solid Surface Certified Fabricator/Installers*