Custom Laundry Cabinets Perth: Kustom Interiors Offers High-end Solutions

Custom laundry cabinets tailored to your exact requirements by experienced professionals is what you need.

With space management as the primary issue you need to keep in mind when re-modelling or designing your laundry room. With 26 years of experience, Kustom Interiors are the people you need to speak too.  Supplying Custom laundry cabinets made from quality moisture-resistant board.  Using only the very best cabinet hardware, including soft-close hinges and soft self-closing drawer slides.

How Many Cabinets Do You Need In A Laundry?laundry cabinets

A full-length cabinet for brooms and mops, a high cabinet to store chemicals, cabinets for linen, towels and appliances are necessary.

Whether you would like your laundry cabinets  doors to match your bathroom cabinets?

There are plenty of materials and finishes to choose from. Depending on your personal preference you can have a matt, sheen, satin, gloss or raw finish for your door. Clear or frosted options are also available when choosing your glass door.  At the same time, you will need to consider the various colour choices available. Engineered stone in particular is a popular choice for luxury laundries. It should not chip, scratch or stain.

In addition we provide all computer cut components to ensure accuracy and consistency, all pre-drilled and edged. Each panel is screwed securely into place, screws are capped where visible. We use only the highest quality imported European hardware. Drawer units are made with high metal sided drawer slides.

For more ideas on custom laundry cabinets in Perth, contact Kustom Interiors now.