Customised Furniture

Custom Made Furniture through Expert Craftsmanship in Perth

Do ready made furniture pieces appear too clichéd to fit in your stylish home space?  If yes, then Kustom Interiors is the place for you. Based in Wangara we will exclusively craft custom furniture for your home.

Kustom Interiors are specialists in bespoke furniture.  Designed and manufactured right at our facility in Wangara, Perth.  Combining creativity and finesse and according to your specifications.  Your final timeless piece of custom furniture will be designed within your desired costs and designated timeframes. custom furniture

Whether you are looking for custom made sofas and coffee tables for your living room or specially made lamp tables and closets for your bedroom.  We have the expertise to convert your imagination into reality.


Creating your customised furniture:

  1. Begin by bringing your ideas and specifications to us.
  2. You will then sit with our team consisting of professionals who are experienced in interior decoration and custom furniture designing to prepare concrete designs.
  3. In addition there will be the selection of the best materials in different colours, finishes, styles and patterns.  Guided by your preferences and our suggestions.
  4. Finally, we begin to craft your dream furniture you will be proud to own and flaunt.

Take your first step towards home improvement with customised furniture by contacting us for a consultation right now.